The "ASC Data Identifier Maintenance Committee" is the international body for the maintenance of ISO / IEC 15418 Data Identifiers (DIs). Industry, health care and logistics user groups can submit requests to the DIMC for inclusion of new data identifiers, which will be reviewed, evaluated and, if deemed useful, returned for further discussion in view of general application for uniqueness of data elements for bar code and RFID data carrier. The international committee consists of members from Asia, Europe and the USA. In 2014, Bill Hoffman took over the chairmanship 2014 as successor to Craig Harmon and executed 3 years. Due to his retirement, the committee elected the longtime member Mark Lewis as chairman. Mark Lewis, who is a senior manager at UPS, is primarily experienced in global logistics in an international environment. One of the currently accepted data identifiers was the DI "6R" flagging a "Digital Signature" according to ISO / IEC 20248 in 2D barcode and / or RFID.

Report on cross-industry and cross-national application standardization for barcode, RFID & associated data communication for logistical control and traceability to the "Internet of Things".

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The report informs about the further normative developments of AIDC technologies from barcode to RFID and their applications. This issue focuses on the 24th ISO/IEC JTC 1/ SC 31 plenary session in Chicago, but also reports highlights on applications in industry and healthcare, as well as automotive and railways. Questions on the topics can be asked directly to the author Rainer Schrundner as participant of the SC31-Plenary and to Heinrich Oehlmann: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pdf ISO Report 2018 (german language)

October 23,2015 DIN will publish the new standard *DIN 16587 Rectangular Extension of Data Matrix*.out 8x64

12 new sizes will enable unique marking of surfaces of small hight or rounded offering extended data capacity for traceability codes.

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see document DMRE DataMatrix Extension Intro Sources r160405.pdf
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